Harness the Wind. Build Superior Roofs.

Moline High School

Formed in 1873, the Moline-Coal Valley School District serves 7,319 students spanning 15 school buildings. The district’s stated mission is to educate individuals by providing superior student-centered educational experiences, which will prepare them to become contributing and productive citizens, responsive to the changing local and global needs.

Since the district’s original pilot project in 2011, pressure equalization technology has been utilized at seven separate school facilities. Re-roofed facilities include: Butterworth, Franklin, John Deere, Lincoln-Irving, Roosevelt, Wilson and Moline High School.

Of special note is a multi-year phased implementation at the Moline High School. The campus includes difficult-to-fasten-to gypsum decks and existing fully adhered roof systems. The photo (above) shows in-process the 2016 re-roofing project covering the tallest roof sections on campus. Previous roof assemblies were damaged by a combination of moisture entrapment and high wind uplift causing delamination of the existing fully adhered system. To ensure such problems do not reoccur, the new WindSmart system was engineered to provide moisture mitigation capabilities and high wind uplift resistance. This solution allowed the district to recover and recycle all existing insulation materials while ensuring a long lasting roof assembly. Such roofs are more cost effective, impervious to major weather events (wind, rain and hail) while being environmentally friendly.

New roof assemblies are designed and installed to achieve:

  • Code compliance with high wind uplift resistance
  • Longevity through continual moisture mitigation capabilities
  • High weather resistance, including hail stones to 2”
  • High level of environmental stewardship through avoided roof “tear-off”


Moline, IL


Moline-Coal Valley School District No. 40


Legat Architects

Roofing Contractor:

WindSmart Approved Applicators

Square Footage:

400,000+ sq. ft.


60-Mil EPDM

Year Completed:

7 buildings since 2011