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Osage County R-II School District

Home to 637 K-12 students, Osage County R-II is committed to providing an educational background as broad as possible to all students. In 2014, local voters approved a $7.3M bond issue to upgrade facilities. The project included the construction of a new elementary school and the replacement of the Field House roof assembly.

Constructed in 1972, the Thurman L. Willett Field House was in desperate need of roof replacement. Twice in the previous ten years, the roof had been coated–both repairs were unsuccessful in stopping the water leakage. With a wide variety of proposals in hand, the district turned to their construction advisor for technical guidance. The challenge was how best to insulate and re-roof a geo-spherical domed structure with a difficult to fasten to tectum deck.

Through a process of detailed analysis, a variety of systems were evaluated by FSG. Ultimately, pressure equalization technology was chosen for its capability to cost effectively produce a highly insulated, weather resistant and long lasting roof assembly. The roof was competitively bid and constructed with a WindSmart Approved Applicator on a fast-track basis.

The new roof assembly was designed and installed to achieve:

  • Code compliance with wind uplift resistance engineered to ASCE standards (90 MPH)
  • Continual moisture mitigation through a process of controlled air exchange
  • A high level of environmental stewardship which avoided roof “tear off”, thus allowing 100% recycling of existing air barrier and insulation materials
  • Longevity – the selected materials and workmanship are warranted against water penetration and high winds for 30 years


Linn, MO


Osage County R-II School District

Roofing Contractor:

WindSmart Approved Applicator

Square Footage:

38,350+ sq. ft.


90-Mil EPDM

Year Completed: