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Kearney High School & Middle School

Kearney School Distict is home to 3,503 students and 440 staff members. Their mission is the pursuit of excellence which will enable each student to become productive, contributing members of society into the 21st century.

In 2008 the community passed a bond issue which included the replacement of major roof sections at the high school and middle school facilities. However, the facility management staff soon discovered that the initial budget had not included several roof sections nor adequate insulation. Working diligently to achieve the bond commitments, the staff developed and implemented a highly competitive RFP process.

The winning project proposal included a WindSmart roof assembly which included the re-roofing of all roof sections as promised in the bond issue, a high level of insulation for energy efficiency and an additional 5 years of warranty and life expectancy.

The project was developed and installed to achieve:

  • Replacement of all roof sections to fulfill the District’s promise to the local taxpayers
  • Continual moisture mitigation through a process of controlled air exchange
  • A high level of environmental stewardship which avoided roof “tear off”, thus allowing 100% recycling of existing air barrier and insulation materials. A high level of insulation was added to ensure energy efficiency.
  • Fast-track construction during the school year without disruption to classroom activities
  • Cost savings for the roofing project allowed the District to be able to replace the large HVAC units at the high school which were at end of life


Kearney, MO


Kearney School District

Roofing Contractor:

WindSmart Approved Applicator

Square Footage:

150,000+ sq. ft.


60-Mil PVC

Year Completed: