Harness the Wind. Build Superior Roofs.

Iowa State University

Founded in 1859, Iowa State University (ISU) is an international university located in Ames, Iowa. The campus hosts an enrollment of 36,000 students and 6,000 faculty/staff. The University has a renowned reputation for Science, Technology, Architecture and Engineering.

The campus includes over 100 facilities of higher education. In 1998, ISU Facilities Planning and Management began a process of evaluating best practice to improve the continual cycle of “end-of-life” roof replacements. After research and pilot projects, pressure equalization technology became a reliable process for re-roofing. To date, nearly 1,400,000 SQ feet encompassing 70 projects have been completed on campus with pressure equalization technology.

A key strategy is the inclusion of moisture mitigation capabilities which allows ISU to recover and recycle up to 100% of existing insulation materials. Such roofs are more cost effective, highly weather resistance while minimizing waste streams. Current strategies include the use of 100% upcycled cover boards as part of the ISU long-term sustainability efforts.

New roof assemblies are designed and installed to achieve:

  • Code compliance with wind uplift resistance engineered to 100 MPH
  • Continual moisture mitigation through an engineered process of low pressure controlled air exchange
  • A high level of environmental stewardship which avoids roof “tear-off”, thus allowing 100% recycling of existing air barriers and insulation materials
  • Use of 100% upcycled cover boards to minimize water absorption and waste diversion
  • Competitive procurement of materials and installation through ISU bid process


Ames, IA


Iowa State University


Facility Planning and Management

Roofing Contractor:

Various WindSmart Approved Applicators

Square Footage:

1,400,000+ sq. ft.


60-Mil PVC or EPDM

Year Completed:

70 projects since 1998