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Fluid Management

Fluid Management is the leading global manufacturer of paint dispensers, paint shakers, and paint mixers. In 2018 the company was faced with a large challenge – a roof at the end of its useful life. After having the roof inspected, they found that a large portion of their roof deck was made up of gypsum. Such decks are difficult to fasten into, further limiting their options. This increased their challenge because they were told the only option was full roof replacement with tear-off. Their facility housed large machinery which is vital to their production. Full tear-off meant expensive interior protections or temporary shut down of operations. Many options were presented by various contractors, but none met all their operational needs.

Fortunately, a WindSmart Approved Applicator found the solution everyone was looking for – a WindSmart Roof System. WindSmart worked with the contractor to assess the roof and create a plan. That plan allowed the WindSmart Applicator to install a high-performance roof assembly, without putting fasteners in the deck, while avoiding tear-off, all without disrupting daily manufacturing operations.

WindSmart proprietary air sealing methods and the WindForce 365 equalization vent harness the power of the wind to achieve superior performing and highly weather resistant roof assemblies.

The new roof assembly was designed and installed to achieve:

  • Local code official’s acceptance of a WindSmart system for a recover application to achieve IBC code acceptance even when two roofs are in place
  • Minimized Disruptions – a project which allowed the owner’s manufacturing operation to continue without expensive interior protection or reduction in manufacturing production time
  • Higher weather resistance (wind, rain and hail) – thus protecting the critical long-term operations of Fluid Management


Wheeling, IL


Fluid Management

Roofing Contractor:

WindSmart Approved Applicator

Square Footage:

150,000 sq. ft.


60-Mil EPDM

Year Completed: