Harness the Wind. Build Superior Roofs.

Bradley County Courthouse

Bradley County is committed to providing a safe, clean and progressive community for its citizens. through the development and implementation of effective programs managed with the highest degree of efficiency. Their focus is on quality of services while minimizing the financial contribution of taxpayers.

The Bradley County Courthouse is home to the Bradley County government operations. In late 2019, the county opened bids for a complete replacement of its aged ballasted EPDM roof system. A certified contractor out of Chattanooga, TN offered a value engineered alternative – a WindSmart vented roof system. In lieu of tear off and replacement over the existing concrete deck, the WindSmart System provided cost savings and additional capabilities. The system was designed as a coastal application with high wind uplift capabilities and enhanced energy performance.

On difficult-to-fasten-to decks, such as concrete, tectum and gypsum, WindSmart Systems can be one of the most cost-effective ways to re-roof the building. Insulation and membrane can be loose laid and vacuum-packed to the concrete deck with WindSmart pressure equalization vents. The labor and material cost savings of the WindSmart vented roof system can be significant while improving system performance. Two weeks after the project was finished, Cleveland, TN was hit with an EF3 tornado. The contractor reported that the roof performed to perfection without any damage.

The new roof assembly was designed and installed to achieve:

  • High level of wind uplift capabilities

  • High level of sustainability – existing insulation was recycled in place, minimizing waste streams

  • Superior Warranty Protection – new systems are backed by the membrane manufacturer


Cleveland, TN


Bradley County


Contractor Design Build Process

Roofing Contractor:

WindSmart Approved Contractor

Square Footage:

22,620 sq. ft.


60mil TPO membrane and protective cover board, Air-Sealed, Pressure-Equalized

Year Completed: