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WindSmart Systems Warranty Options

When it comes to providing quality warranty service, WindSmart has a great plan with multiple options to serve your best long-term needs.

WindSmart System are available through our strategic partners and backed by their best-in-class warranty organizations. Warranties for WindSmart Systems are available through the following:

Warranty Services
Johns Manville-2
Johns Manville
Peak Advantage® Guarantee

WindSmart® Warranty Services, Johns Manville Peak Advantage® Guarantee and Sika Sarnafill® can offer highest quality products and some of the strongest warranties in the industry. We are aligned in providing known best practices such as:


  • A Quality Roof Assembly – the first priority is a well-constructed roof. WindSmart strives to work with only top tier Johns Manville and Sika Sarnafil applicators, reviews and verifies every roof application and provides static and end-of-project roof inspections to ensure conformance to the highest standards of quality. This is your number one assurance for long term roof performance.
  • Collection and Escrow of Warranty Reserves – WindSmart Warranty Services, Johns Manville and Sika Sarnafil all protect warranty funds to ensure long-term availability, when needed. These companies are backed by solid financial footings to give you confidence that they are here to handle your warranty claims, when you need us.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Technical Support Services – Each company provides a variety of technical support to ensure your roof performs as intended with great longevity. Optional services can include a variety of ongoing protection to reduce future problems while guaranteeing maximum roof life expectancy.

Warranty options include:

  • Flexible Warranty Terms of 10 to 30 years
  • No Coverage Dollar Limit (NDL) and Non Pro-rated Warranty
  • Standardized features which can be customized on a project-by-project basis:
    • Membrane Watertight Coverage
    • Total Systems Coverage
    • Hail Resistance Coverage
    • High Wind Resistance Coverage

WindSmart roofs can be designed to achieve the level of protection you seek for your facility. For further information on WindSmart systems or warranties, please contact us at 800-474-8186.