Harness the Wind. Build Superior Roofs.

WindSmart Destination, Vision & Promise

WindSmart Destination

WindSmart is committed to being the recognized market leader in air-sealed, pressure-equalized® vented roof assemblies in North America.


WindSmart Vision

By harnessing the destructive forces of the wind, we will build quantifiably superior roofs. WindSmart roof systems can be constructed to be more weather resistant to wind, rain, and hail and can remove entrapped moisture to avoid future tear off. WindSmart Approved Applicators install these roof systems cost effectively with lowest life-cycle costs of any commercial roof system in the marketplace.


WindSmart Promise

  • We will partner with others who share our core values and who are committed to building superior roof assemblies and processes
  • We will be well informed on best practices and continually strive for improvement
  • We will disseminate information in an unbiased way to inform stakeholders
  • We will always be professional, honest and fair in all transactions
  • We will create quality solutions and deliver greater value to design professionals, contractors and building owners in every transaction