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WindSmart Capability Statement


Core Competencies

WindSmart Roof Systems use science to achieve high wind uplift resistance and moisture mitigation in commercial low-slope roofs. A combination of proprietary air sealing techniques and pressure equalizing technology (one-way equalization vents), negate the destructive wind uplift forces on the roof while providing benefits not available in traditional roofs.

The WindSmart roof is a proven, technologically-advanced roof system utilizing major manufacturer single ply materials (new construction or replacement roofs) that are engineered to achieve:

  • International Building Code and 2015 Energy Code compliance

ASCE7-16, a robust barrier and high thermal resistance can be cost-effectively achieved


  • Continual moisture removal capabilities

A key strategy to roof longevity and energy efficiency


  • The WindSmart roof can be continually recycled on a long-term basis

This allows for high sustainability and significant long-term waste reduction


  • Constructed to be virtually impervious to all major weather events

Designed and warranted against rain, large hail and high winds


  • Lowest life cycle cost of ownership of any commercial roof system

Lower capital costs, extended life, greater energy efficiency and recyclability



Field and laboratory testing has proven that the process of creating low pressure, controlled air exchange systems keep roof assemblies in place and dry. WindSmart systems can even dry out existing moisture-laden assemblies allowing insulation to be recycled.

WindSmart has the profound knowledge and expertise at applying this technology to commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. It has developed standardized processes which allow it to apply the system nationwide using only top-tiered, WindSmart approved roofing contractors.


Company Data

The WindSmart team includes eight highly experienced professionals who specialize in the development of WindSmart roof assembly applications.

WindSmart is SBA SAM registered.



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