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Lawson Middle School – Lawson R-XIV School District

Lawson Middle School is the home to approximately 400 fifth through eighth grade students. Their stated mission is to provide the educational and social stepping stone for all students to proceed to high school with a broad academic basis, a positive attitude, self esteem and above all an eagerness to learn.

In 2014, the district was faced with middle school roofs significantly beyond their expected life. The existing roof assemblies included difficult to fasten to gypsum decks, heavily ponded areas and insufficient insulation. The District bid the project twice – each time resulting in bids significantly over budget. In May 2015, WindSmart undertook a fast track process with the district to develop a quality roof replacement project which could be completed during the upcoming summer. Through an expedited process of investigation, a comprehensive replacement plan was developed and bid to local WindSmart Approved Applicators.

The winning project bid included a WindSmart roof assembly including all roof sections previously bid plus additional sections. The project also included longer lasting (30 year warranted) materials and R-30 insulation in a tapered configuration. The project was successfully implemented and at a cost below the District’s previous budgets.

The project was developed and installed to achieve:

  • Cost savings which allowed the district to be able to replace three additional roof sections which had not been included in the previous bid packages
  • Code compliance with wind uplift resistance engineered to ASCE standards and the 2015 Energy Code
  • Continual moisture mitigation through a patented process of controlled air exchange
  • A high level of environmental stewardship which avoided roof “tear off”, thus allowing 100% recycling of existing air barrier and insulation materials
  • Fast-track construction (summer installation)


Lawson, MO


Lawson R-XIV School District

Roofing Contractor:

WindSmart Approved Applicator

Square Footage:

30,000+ sq. ft


80-Mil PVC

Year Completed: