Harness the Wind. Build Superior Roofs.


WindForce 365® is the highest performing pressure equalization vent (EV) in the low slope roofing industry. Intentionally engineered to achieve superior roof assemblies.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Significant Enhancements:

– Engineered to achieve twice the air flow capacity thus improving wind uplift resistance and moisture removal capacities

– Modular integrated design allows for operational and internal roof inspections

– Manufactured using high-impact ASA plastics with highest UV protection

  • WindForce 365 Equalization Vent is classified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) as to resistance to wind uplift pressures:
    • Concrete Decks: Up to 495 PSF
    • Metal Deck: Up to 285 PSF
    • Wood Decks: Up to 210 PSF
  • Simpler, easier and quicker installation
  • Designed to accommodate future vent technology enhancements
  • Contemporary aesthetics
  • Made in the USA

Unique Advantages to Building Owners

  • Enhanced removal of entrapped moisture thus avoiding expensive and wasteful tear-off – recycle materials for life of the building
  • High wind-uplift resistance – designed to meet International Building Code
  • Most cost effective with lowest life-cycle costs of any commercial roof system in the marketplace

WindSmart’s patented WindForce 365 Equalization Vent offers the most technologically-advanced wind vented roof system in the industry. Additionally, WindSmart has the broadest array of air seal drawing techniques with installation notes, all designed to achieve superior performing roof assemblies.