Harness the Wind. Build Superior Roofs.

WindSmart guarantees roof system performance using industry best practices. All warranties feature standardized warranty coverages, and can also be customized.

The roofing industry has a poor reputation for providing responsive warranty service. Why settle for less when you can receive something much better? WindSmart and WindSmart Warranty Services were intentionally designed to achieve what every owner seeks – a great roof backed by solid, reliable warranty service designed by an organization committed to resolving problems. WindSmart and WindSmart Warranty Services are committed to following known best practice:

  • A Quality Roof Assembly –  the foremost priority is a well-constructed roof. WindSmart strives to work with only top tier applicators, reviews and verifies every roof application and provides static and end-of-project roof inspections to ensure conformance to quality requirements.
  • Collection and Escrow of Warranty Reserves – a separate company-WindSmart Warranty Services-has been established to protect warranty funds to ensure long-term availability, when needed. 
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Technical Support Services WindSmart offers turn-key on call technical support to ensure your roof performs as intended with great longevity. These optional services provide ongoing protection to reduce future problems while ensuring maximum life expectancy.

WindSmart’s process has been intentionally designed to achieve the largest per square foot warranty reserve of any organization in the roofing industry. As local committed business professionals, we greatly value our business reputation which is why we will always work collaboratively to help resolve any customer issue or concern.

WindSmart Warranty Services offers:

  • Flexible Warranty Terms of 10 to 30 years
  • No Coverage Dollar Limit, Non-Prorated Warranty
  • Standardized features which can be customized on a project by project basis:
    • Membrane Water-tight Coverage
    • Total Systems Coverage
    • Hail Resistance Coverage
    • High Wind Resistance Coverage
    • Moisture Management Capabilities

WindSmart roofs can be designed to achieve the level of protection you seek for your facility. For further information or questions on WindSmart warranties or systems please contact us.

Membrane Warranty (Materials & Labor)

The WindSmart “Membrane Warranty” is the base warranty for the WindSmart roof system. WindSmart Warranty Services, LLC (“WindSmart Warranty”) warrants to the Building Owner that WindSmart Warranty will repair leaks (materials and labor) in the WindSmart Membrane Roof System installed by a WindSmart licensed roofing applicator for the period of warranty term.

Owners, Designers and Contractors may choose, in advance prior to roof design, the warranty term desired. Warranty terms of 10 to 30 are offered. The length of warranty term is dependent upon the engineered configuration of the WindSmart roof system which is dependent upon the type of material, mileage and details installed as part of the project. Issuance is subject to WindSmart Warranty inspection and acceptance upon completion of the project. WindSmart Warranty inspection is provided at no cost to the building owner as part of issuing the warranty.

The “WindSmart Membrane System Warranty” warrants WindSmart and non-WindSmart materials including Membrane, Membrane Accessories and WindSmart Technology to be free from defects and to remain in water tight, subject to conditions listed within the Warranty terms.

Total System Warranty

Common to the industry is a “Systems Warranty”.  The “WindSmart Roof Total System Warranty” provides warrantying coverage for additional non-WindSmart brand materials which might be included as part of the WindSmart roof system installations.  The warranty covers new (added) materials, such as Insulation, Cover Boards, Metal Edging and any other non-WindSmart brand products utilized in the installation. If your warranty does not include such language, additional materials are not included as part of WindSmart Warranty obligations.

Hail Warranty

Less common to the industry are “Hail Warranties”.  Most building owners are not aware that roof assemblies can be constructed to be virtually impervious to hail events. The “WindSmart Hail Warranty” warrants hail resistance as identified and reported by the National Climatic Data Center or determined on site after such weather events. Owners, Designers and Contractors may choose, in advance prior to roof design, the size of hail stone for warranty coverage.  Hail resistance for up to 1” to 3” is provided.  WindSmart warrants .045 mil EPDM to withstand hail up to one (1) inch diameter, .060 mil EPDM to withstand hail up to two (2) inch diameter and .090 mil EPDM to withstand hail up to three (3) inch in diameter hail stones. All hail warranties require a ½” cover board as part of the WindSmart roof system installation.

WindSmart Warranty does not provide hail warranty on thermoplastic (TPO and PVC) roof assemblies. Such roofs, especially once aged, have not proven themselves to be hail resistant.

Wind Warranty

Most roofs in the industry are designed and warranted to 55MPH wind speed measured at 30 feet above the ground. This is the base standard for all WindSmart roofs. But, WindSmart can cost-effectively provide roofs offering much higher wind up lift resistance. This is a significant advantage with a WindSmart systems.

Owners, Designers and Contractors may choose, in advance prior to roof design, the level of wind resistance desired in the new roof assembly. WindSmart Warranty offers wind speed warranties up to 150 MPH as supported by appropriate design and installation to achieve. The WindSmart technical team will evaluate the building’s geographical location, existing conditions to assist with appropriate ASCE-7 inputs. Such information will be utilized to recommend the specific roof configuration required to meet the calculated wind up-lift pressures.

Moisture Removal Warranty

Through an engineered process of low pressure controlled air exchange, the WindSmart roof system can remove moisture from an existing roof assembly and keep the new roof dry on a long-term basis. This is a critical capability of the WindSmart System and a key strategy to eliminate a host of industry related problems (longevity, recyclability, premature tear off vs. re-cover). WindSmart can design roofs to achieve a high level of ongoing “self-drying” capabilities with or without a Moisture Removal Warranty.

If a “WindSmart Moisture Removal Warranty” is desired, WindSmart will recommend elevated equalization vent quantities and specific permeation techniques. Such modifications are designed to enhance low pressure controlled air exchange within the roof assembly. WindSmart Warranty will guarantee the performance of the roof to dry itself within a reasonable period, but not more than 3 years. The building owner is responsible for the additional cost of documenting any existing wetness through a Moisture Detection Survey (MDS) prior to and after the installation.