Harness the Wind. Build Superior Roofs.

WindSmart Technologically-Advanced Roof Systems®

Wind represents the most destructive force affecting roofs. WindSmart Roof Systems use science to achieve more wind-resistant, low-slope roofs. Using a combination of innovative air sealing techniques and pressure equalizing technology (one-way equalization vents), the destructive wind uplift forces are negated. The greater the wind velocity, the more secure the field of the roof can become.

Through a process of controlled air exchange, the system can be engineered to continually remove any entrapped moisture from new and existing roof assemblies. Ongoing moisture removal is the key strategy to roof longevity and ongoing recyclability of the roof assemblies. With a WindSmart system, the age-old problem of how to remove entrapped moisture has been solved. The system combines advanced technology with major manufacturer materials and warranties to produce durable, longer lasting and more cost-effective roofs assemblies.

WindSmart Roof Systems can achieve some of the lowest life-cycle costs in the industry. WindSmart will configure such systems to meet your goals while guaranteeing long term performance.


Without WindSmart Roof System

Wind currents constantly work to destroy the integrity of conventional roofs.

ind on the side of a building creates an updraftWhere such winds collide with the horizontal wind stream, the updraft violently tumbles, creating a horizontal vortex or tornado. This wind vortex creates a low pressure “uplift” which is typically measured in pounds/square foot. 

Wind uplift is most intense at corners and perimeter edges (where roofs most often fail) and less intense in the roof field. Roofs can be designed with additional enhancements (fasteners, adhesives, rocks, etc.) to resist such uplift forces or roofs can be pressure equalized through a WindSmart system. 

Pressure equalization provides a myriad of benefits to the building owner which are not possible through a traditional roof assembly.

With WindSmart Roof System

WindSmart roofs use wind currents to “vacuum-pack” the entire roof and underlying structure to provide positive benefits from wind uplift.

WindSmart systems equalize pressure at the corners and perimeter, then transfer this low pressure into the roof assembly and to the field of the roof. Such wind generated vacuum will vaporize and expel entrapped moisture up and through strategically placed equalization vents.

In doing so, the field of the roof achieves enhanced wind resistance greater than the wind uplift forces pulling the roof assembly tight against the air barrier substrate. This method of constructing superior roofs has been well documented through independent laboratory tests by multiple organizations

WindSmart has a proven track record of successfully applying such systems to hundreds of commercial, industrial and institutional type buildings. The WindSmart system utilizes simple science, it works and we guarantee its performance on your building.